Teaching Methodology – Online Courses

Once students register for a particular course, they will get access to our Learning Management Portal (receive an email with login details) and will be able to access the specific module for which they have enrolled.

The course structure has been divided into the following sections:

  • Theory: This section will explain the concepts and how they need to be applied for solving problems. There will be a number of solved problems which will help students to gain a strong understanding of the topic. For higher grades ( 9 & 10 ) , theory section will be limited and focus will be more on the assignment sheets.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) will be in a quiz format and need to be done online. At the end of each test, students will receive their scores and will be able to check the solution.
  • Assignments <Key Differentiator> : Multiple assignment sheets are provided for each chapter. Students need to download these worksheets and solve the problems. Once they have completed the assignments, they will need to upload the workings (scan and upload). The learning management module provides the upload functionality and allows students to send queries on these assignments.

Teachers will review & grade the completed assignment sheets. Students will be able to view the comments made by the teacher. Teachers will also upload the solutions for each assignment sheet.

We will add more content as we move forward (no additional charges for students who have already enrolled). Students are also encouraged to send requests if they need additional content in any specific area.

Teaching Methodology – Singapore Centre

As part of our regular class room teaching, we will continuously look at ways to make the classes interesting and encourage active student participation. Some of the approaches we take in our class are as follows:

  • Organise quizzes on different topics
  • Critical Thinking — ask the students to explain how they solved a particular problem
  • Encourage students to think out of the box and look at different strategies to solve a particular problem and reward the students
  • For students who require more guidance in certain areas, pay special attention to ensure they gain confidence in that particular area

Mathematics has always been considered a “difficult” subject amongst some students. Some do have a tendency to be extremely worried about the subject. Hence, as a specialised mathematics coaching centre, it is our “priority and duty” to make the students realise that “mathematics can be fun”.

For learning Mathematics, along with classroom teaching, hands-on problem solving by a student is very important. The student has to solve numerous problems on paper and pencil — only then will he/she be able to gain confidence over the subject.

  • Students will also get regular online assignments which they need to complete on a regular basis. Some of the assignments will need to be completed within a fixed time period. Our aim is to enhance the ability of students to approach problems in a disciplined manner and ingrain time management skills

As teachers, our main aim is to make the students understand the concepts; once the student is able to grasp it, problem-solving becomes a” piece of cake”. To develop a strong foundation, we will be providing them course material with practical examples, show them real-life examples where certain mathematical concepts they have learned are used, encourage them to identify more such scenarios etc. All these actions used to make the Maths sessions really interesting for the students and helped to remove the “fear” and “anxiety” which is often associated with this subject.