Geometry – Grade 6

The word Geometry has been derived from the Greek word “Geometron” “Geo” means Earth and “Metron” means measurement . Three geometrical terms namely Point, Line and Plan form the foundation of Geometry. Through the chapters covered in this section ( Basic Concepts, Angles, Triangles, Symmetry, Construction) students will be able to build a strong foundation in this area.

We provide theory, MCQs and assignments for each individual topic. Click on each topic to know more details.

Basic Concepts of Geometry
Key topics include :

  • Properties of different quadrilaterals-square, rectangles, rhombus, trapezium and parallelograms
  • Parallel lines and transversals

Students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of geometry – point, line and plane. We will cover different types of quadrilaterals – Parallelogram, Rectangle, Square, Rhombus, Trapezium kites etc and discuss their properties in detail. Read more about this course.

Key topics include :

  • Finding different types of angles –Acute, Obtuse, right angles
  • Supplementary and Complementary angles
  • Vertically Opposite angles

In this chapter, we will discuss the concept of an angles, cover different types of angles and their properties. Read more about this course.

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