Arithmetic-Grade 7

Grade 7 Arithmetic is an intermediate level course which assumes that students are already familiar with the basic arithmetic concepts. The topics covered here include Number System, Fractions & Decimals, Rational Numbers, Exponents, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Speed & Unitary Method. The students will be given varied assignments which will test their understanding of the concepts and how they apply them to solve different problems.

We provide theory, MCQs and assignments for each individual topic. Click on each topic to know more details.

Number System
Key topics include :

  • Understanding Negative numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers
  • Mathematical operations with different numbers
  • Representation and ordering numbers on the number line
  • Squares, Square roots, cubes and cube roots
  • Simplifications using BODMAS

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Fractions and Decimals
Key topics include :

  • Recapitulations of fractions and decimals
  • Recurring decimals and approximation—rounding off to a specified number
  • Applications of fractions in problem solving
  • Problem sums with decimals

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Key topics include :

  • Defining exponents in terms of natural numbers only
  • Laws of Exponents
  • Applying the laws of exponent to solve problem sums

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Ratio, Proportion and Rate
Key topics include :

  • Ratios involving rational numbers
  • Simplifying ratios
  • Use direct and inverse proportion
  • Rate and average rate
  • Applications of ratio and proportion in profit/loss, simple interest and other related problems

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Key topics include :

  • Expressing percentage as fractions and decimals
  • Express one quantity as a percentage of another
  • Calculate percentage increase/decrease
  • Application of percentage in profit/loss, simple interest and other related problem sums

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Speed and Unitary Method
Key topics include :

  • Speed, Average Speed and Uniform speed
  • Conversion of units of speed
  • Problems involving speed, uniform speed and average speed

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