Algebra – Grade 7

Grade 7 Algebra is an intermediate level course which assumes that students are already familiar with the basic concepts. The chapters Algebraic Expressions and Linear Equations have a range of problems which will help students to gain a strong foundation in algebra.

We provide theory, MCQs and assignments for each individual topic. Click on each topic to know more details.

Algebraic Expressions
Key topics include :

  • Evaluating algebraic expressions and formulae
  • Addition and subtraction of linear algebraic expressions
  • Addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions with fractional coefficients

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Linear Equations
Key topics include :

  • Solving linear equations with one unknown
  • Solving simple fractional equations which can be reduced to linear equations
  • Translation and solution of simple real-life situations to algebraic expressions
  • Concept of inequalities and Solving simple inequalities

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