Algebra – Grade 6

Grade 6 Algebra is an entry level course; unlike arithmetic where we use numbers that have one single definite value, in algebra we use alphabets ( called variables) that may have any value we assign to them. We have divided this topic into 3 sub-topics (Introduction, Algebraic Expressions and Linear Equations in one variable).

We provide theory, MCQs and assignments for each individual topic. Click on each topic to know more details.

Fundamental Operations on Algebraic Expressions
Key topics include:

  • To add and subtract compound expressions
  • Multiplication — polynomial with monomial, binomials
  • Division – polynomial with a monomial
  • Simplifications

As part of additions / subtractions, the course will cover both horizontal and column method. Multiplication and division of polynomials will cover – two monomials, polynomial by monomial, polynomial by polynomial.Read more about this course.

Linear Equations in One Variable
Key topics include :

  • Solution of an equation
  • Forming simple equations –Problem sums

Students will learn to write a mathematical statement in an equation format and solve simple equations. Transposition along with properties like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will also be covered. Read more about this course.

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