About The Founder – Shrabanti

About our founder – Shrabanti

Shrabanti has Masters Degree in Pure Mathematics (rank holder) from University of Calcutta, India, degree in Education (B.Ed) and diploma in Systems Analysis from National University of Singapore (NUS). She taught Mathematics in schools – secondary and junior college levels before joining the corporate world in Singapore. However, deep inside she always wanted to be a teacher. A mother of two kids – studying at a reputed international school, Shrabanti got very involved tutoring her kids and their friends during her free time. Her passion for Mathematics seeped into these kids and they started loving the subject; much to the satisfaction of their parents. That is when the idea of Eduinfinite was born.

Shrabanti focuses on the basics and application of the concepts in daily life to make students understand any topic. Her teaching methods have been very effective and she encourages students to think out-of-the box to solve any problem.

As a mathematics tutor, not only does Shrabanti motivate her students to get good grades but more importantly, inspire them to discover the amazing world of Mathematics. Take a leap of faith and join her. It can change your kid’s life!